Membership Forms

If you would like to apply for membership of the Club you can download the application forms as follows. (click on the blue heading)

1. Club Application Form :- This form contains your personal details.

2. Privacy Policy :- This document gives details for General Data Protection Regulation                                 Compliance,  you  must read these before completing form 3

3. Consent Form :- this form is to give your consent for the processes we wish to follow,                                to run the club.

Click on the blue header to access each document. All 3 forms are printable, to apply to join the club read document 2 then fill in and send forms 1 and 3  to the Club Secretary at the address shown once completed.

Pease do not submit any money at the application stage.

Club Secretary

Mr. Les Oakley

19 Allison Street,



TS14 6NX

Tel. 07731695207