Why not give it a try!! Come along to our Sunday Night roll up which takes place every Sunday during the season at 6pm.

You will be made very welcome and we do have spare bowls which you can use. All you need to do is turn up wearing flat soled shoes with no heel and no pattern on the sole and you can try it out free of charge and have a good time into the bargain.

Below are some beginners guides for new bowlers, a short you tube video and a BBC Sport article which may help. Just click on the character to display and click the back arrow when you are done to return to this page.

In-Depth Beginner's Guide to Bowls

From Bowls.Org.uk

New To Bowls


You Tube video Introduction to Bowls

Do you need special clothes?

No, just turn up in anything you feel comfortable with allowing for bending, so loose fitting clothes are probably ideal Our experienced players and coaches will be on hand to help and encourage you. So come on give it a try, your first visit will be free of charge so there is nothing to lose

The club house has excellent changing rooms and a bar which is very welcome after a game to quench your thirst, exchange stories, put the world to right or just relax.

BBC Sport. Beginners guide to Bowls

How bowls are made.

Selecting the correct size of Bowls.

Measuring. The easy way.