KGV Rules

King George  V   Bowling Club

KGV Regulations for playing during CoronaVirus Pandemic


Please follow all government guidance at all times,

        especially social distancing  [Amended 5 Jun 20]


Please Click Here to see full Bowls England guidance at


We are pleased to announce that the green will open from 1.00pm on Monday 25 May 2020.


The fee for bowling this season is £15.00.  This can be paid by posting through the letterbox of 14 St Leonards Road, Guis TS14 8BS or putting your own envelope in the box in the changing room corridor.


You MUST book a rink in advance to avoid too many people arriving at the same time.  To book a rink contact Ian Kinghorn as per his email.  Only 3 rinks will be in use at a time, either odds or evens.  You play on the rink allocated by Ian.


No visitors or spectators allowed at any time around the green.


Due to the cleaning that would be necessary the clubhouse, including the toilets and kitchen, will be locked and alarmed.  The changing rooms are also not to be used.  Use the outside seats for changing your shoes.  Your bowls and other gear should be kept at home and brought each time you come to bowl, including your own sanitiser and mask if you chose to wear one.


There will be no bins available so take all paper towels you have used and any other rubbish home with you.  Do NOT leave for someone else to clean up.  The pusher shed will be locked and contents must not be used for hygiene reasons. ie pushers, ditch markers.


Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your slot time, and leave within 15 minutes after your slot time.


The tennis club is also reopening.  You could use gloves or tissue to open the padlock on the gate or sanitise afterwards.


Don’t forget your fob to open the changing rooms door.  Inside will be a container with bleach solution containing the jacks.  Clean the end of your mat with spray bleach and then dry.  Take the paper towels home with you.


You may play only play singles or doubles, unless your household has more than 2 bowlers.  You should play with 2 jacks and 2 mats with only 1 of you moving the jacks and placing the mats for whoever is 1st person to bowl. When playing doubles Only 1 skip to place the jack after each end for hygiene reasons. No licking of fingers during play and no chalking of woods. 


After bowling wipe the mats as above and put the jacks back into the solution, and leave promptly. With potentially more members attending, only 1 person in the changing room doorway while collecting/cleaning mats and jacks.


If you decide to play pairs, please input names of all four players when booking online.   


Quieter times to bowl are weekends, late afternoon and early evening slots.


If you have not already paid, please leave your subs of £15 in an envelope in the plastic wallet on the notice board.


Last member leaving should check if there are any tennis players, and if not, lock the gate.