KGV Regulations for playing during CoronaVirus Pandemic


Please follow all government guidance at all times,

        especially social distancing  [Amended 22 May 2021]


Play is permitted, but no more than 30 people are allowed on the green at any one time. Up to 30 spectators are also allowed, this is in addition to the max 30 players on the green. You are encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and actions you can take to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

All government guidelines must be followed. When entering the green you must either scan the QR code with the NHS app on your phone OR fill in the attendance log sheet, this is to comply with the ‘Track and Trace’ regulations.


We would advise players to avoid using shared equipment whenever possible – players are advised to have their own mat/jack during any session. If you are sharing equipment, for example jacks/mats, practise strict hand hygiene including sanitisation before and after using any shared equipment. Should measuring be necessary, players (or marker if used) must use their own measure.


The following items can be utilised during any session:

  • Mat,  
  • Bowls,  
  • Jack ,
  • Rink markers, 
  • Gloves,  
  • Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required),  
  • Bowling arm/lifter (for use by one person only if required),
  • Bowling aids (for players with a disability if required)


The following items are deemed optional:-

  • Scoreboards
  • Bowls pushers
  • Ditch markers
  • 2m distance sticks
  • Chalk (Spray chalk only)


Changing rooms

Changing rooms are open, but participants should be encouraged to avoid or minimise use where possible. Participants should socially distance whilst in changing rooms. Subject to available space, more than one household can use changing facilities at one time but they must not mix and must adhere to government capacity limits, which are 6 members from different households or any number of members from 2 households . Face coverings should be worn at all times when indoors. Use of these areas for essential activity, such as provision of first aid or access to essential equipment for training and matches, is allowed. Toilet facilities can also open.


Face masks should be worn at all times when indoors.

Last member leaving should check if there are any tennis players, and if not, lock the gate.